WHO – Europe Draft Men’s Health Strategy

A symposium is being held in Dublin on Friday March 16th 2018 to review and discuss a draft of the first ever Strategy on the Health and Well being of men in the World Health Organisation (WHO ) European region. The aims of this event are to seek the views of the stakeholders and experts working in the area of gender and men’s health on key elements of the draft strategy and to develop a set of recommendations based on the outcomes of the symposium for consideration by WHO when drawing up the final strategy. The symposium is primarily for non-governmental organisations across the 53 countries of the WHO – Europe region who have a particular interest in the health and well being of men and boys and/or the role of men in promoting gender equality. The Men’s Health Forum in Ireland, Men’s Health Forum (GB) and Global Action on Men’s Health are hosting the event in association with WHO-Europe and with the support of the Health Service Executive in Ireland. For more information please email: Noel.richardson@itcarlow.ie