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Amen Support Services Ltd. is a registered charity. We hear from abused men, not just in Ireland, but from around the world. As we receive limited public funding we rely heavily on donations from those who recognise the importance of our work and support we provide male victims of domestic violence.

Donations contribute towards the cost of counselling for clients, who other wise can not afford it and towards the running of our Group Meetings, facilitated by a Psychotherapist.

To make a donation, however large or small, please click below. Your generosity is appreciated.

Thank you on behalf of Amen Support Services Ltd. and the men and their families whom we assist.

Books from Amen
You can purchase these books via our donate form above, or Paypal
Letters to Amen Volume 2
Letters to Amen, Volume 2 Price: €4.00

Domestic Abuse is a serious societal issue which affects both men and women worldwide. However, domestic abuse against men has not been seriously considered until recently. Men play a key role in society as friends, role models, workers, brothers, sons, fathers, husbands and partners. As a result of this, society expects a lot from men, it is expected that men are strong individuals who can face any adversities that life may throw at them.

The stories in this book outline the difficulties that male victims of domestic abuse face on a daily basis. The stories are written by victims and their concerned family members and friends. These stories help abused men see how others have dealt with domestic abuse and encourages them to seek help.

That Bitch
That Bitch - Protect Yourself Against Women with Malicious Intent Price: €7.00
By Roy Sheppard & Mary T. Cleary

The provocatively entitled 'That Bitch' describes a vindictive side of women who skillfully and covertly inflict physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse on others and offers readers a checklist of telltale signs to recognise a 'bitch' in their lives.

Men are given tips on the type of women who 'trap' men into marriage; advice on what to do if a woman refuses to sign a prenuptial agreement and guidance on how to get a higher settlement if a woman files for divorce.

A chapter is also dedicated to women who use children as so-called 'Weapons of Male Destruction' and describes how malicious mothers learn to hate their former partners more than they love their children.

The book has been written by Mary Cleary, founder of Amen along with journalist Roy Sheppard

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