Group Therapy for Men

Group Therapy for Men

Starting January 2017 Amen will run group therapy for their Service Users. This group will run for 10 weeks each Tuesday evening. Participation is voluntary. Personal commitment to consistent weekly attendance is requested.

The group will be facilitated by psychotherapists Jennifer Hughes M.A.C.I. and Erich Keller M.I.A.C.P.


“Our aim is to provide a safe, caring and confidential space for all members to share, discuss and explore the effects of the physical, emotional and mental trauma that they have experienced or are currently experiencing. We will facilitate an encouraging and nurturing environment so that all members will feel safe enough to share their experience. Each member will be allowed to join the conversation at their own pace, in their own time.

We will to encourage these men to start the conversation, to break whatever silence they have experienced as they are witnessed by the other members in the group and as they share with men who may have had similar experiences.

We are hopeful that the men will learn most from being involved in the group and from participating and contributing to the group. We will encourage each member to express their thoughts and ask their questions and to interact with the discussion and their fellow members. Group therapy is a forum for support, for shared mutual experience, for expression and learning, for practical application and for change.

The members of this group will be expected to commit to regular weekly attendance. They will agree to engage with the group respectfully, in their support and responses, in their timekeeping and in their adherence to the group contract as devised by the group. All members will agree to group confidentiality and to the limits of that confidentially. **All prospective members are requested to consider their ability to commit to these expectations.”

For more details or to apply for membership to the upcoming Group Therapy please contact 0469023718

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