How we work

How we work At Amen, we believe that every man has the right to an abuse free relationship. We believe that domestic abuse against men should be a crime and is often overlooked and ignored in our society. This can cause victims to feel isolated, ashamed and uncared for, sometimes leading them to blame themselves for the abuse they are receiving. We provide information and support to men or their friends or family that seek it. We support any victim regardless of class, race, sexual orientation or physical ability. Our work is guided by one fundamental goal – to keep Men experiencing domestic abuse safe. We work according to the following core principles: Respect for rights: We recognise that every man engaging with our services is an individual with diverse needs and experiences. Each is entitled to be treated with respect and dignity in order to support them to cope with their experiences and move on to a safer environment. Specific support for Male victims: Amen’s support workers provide 1 to 1 support to men across all services including: One to one support services, Outreach clinics and court Accompaniment. We work with our male clients in a way that enables them to access the tools and resources which help them to move from victims to survivors of abuse. Effective Services: Amen’s work is carried out in accordance with current policy and from over 20 years of experience of what works for men experiencing domestic abuse. Our services have adapted to the changing requirements of our clients over the years. We value the needs of men experiencing domestic abuse and see these as the foundation of any solution.