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AMEN Services

In this section of the AMEN website you will find a short description of the services we provide.

Fees apply to some of our services. Please telephone (046) 902 3718 or email info@amen.ie for details of fees, for further information, or if you wish to make an appointment for any of the services listed below.

Confidential Helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. The helpline is often the first point of contact for men, their concerned family members or friends. (046) 902 3718

One-to-one Support Sessions are offered to both the men and their family members who require further information or support. One-to-one support sessions are usually by appointment but drop-in visitors are always welcome.

During one-to-one support sessions, we offer men an opportunity to:

  • discuss the nature and effects of their abuse in detail,
  • address their concerns in relation to the welfare of their children,
  • seek assistance with the completion of court forms and various types of paperwork; and explore their counselling needs.

Outreach Clinic is available in Dolphin House, Family Law Courts, East Essex Street, Dublin 2, on a weekly basis. This clinic supports men in preparation for court as well as emotional support and legal information to those who cannot attend the office in Navan. The clinic is facilitated by our Court Accompanier / AMEN Support Worker.

Counselling is offered in the AMEN office in Navan and also on occasion in Dublin. Counselling is facilitated by skilled Psychotherapists with experience in the area of domestic abuse.

Court Accompaniment Service is offered to men who require assistance in the District or Circuit Court. For example, assistance with applications for Protection, Safety or Barring Orders; assistance with for Access, Custody and Guardianship applications. Advocacy and support in relation to court accompaniment is specific to the needs of the individual.

Support Group Meetings provide a confidential space for men to share their experiences. The structured meetings allow men to rebuild their self esteem and develop coping mechanisms. The meetings are usually a series of six to eight sessions.

Cook it! Course. The cookery course is facilitated by trained Cook it! Personnel. The six week course focuses on cooking healthy and nutritious meals while on a budget. Participants have hands-on cooking practice.

Parenting Support. We run the Parents Plus “Parenting When Separated” Course. This course is a practical and positive six week course for parents who are parenting separately from their child’s other parent.

Public Awareness of the issues affecting male victims of domestic abuse is highlighted through the following activities;

  • school presentations,
  • workshops for interested parties, workplace and healthcare groups,
  • awareness raising campaigns,
  • community events,
  • information stands, and
  • media interviews.

Volunteering. AMEN offers opportunities to volunteers to learn about domestic abuse and contribute to our work. We make every effort to support volunteers in such ways as facilitating on-site training and study days.