Stories from Male victims of domestic abuse

To whom it may concern, This is a very difficult email to write but I am glad there is a support service out there for men. I am a 27 year old man. I have just recently come out of an abusive relationship, it has only been about 3 weeks. We were in the relationship for 7 years. It was not always a physically abusive relationship but it was emotional and it was awful. What I mean by that is that my partner only got physical every couple of weeks. The emotional and psychological abuse was a daily or hourly thing. I have friends and they have been a great support but I would love to talk to someone in the same boat as myself or even a professional. I have found it hard over the weekend, I didn’t sleep well and I have been having really bad nightmares about the situation. I am so happy I left the relationship, it is the best thing I did and now everyone can see how bad my partner really was. It was a help to know that Amen was out there and that I could talk to someone who didn’t judge me and who believed me and gave me the information I needed to help me to make the decision to break free from my partners abuse. Regards Colin Dear Amen, I am a 66 year old and I am a father of four. I have been the victim of abuse by my wife since we married 44 years ago. The first time I was attacked was two months after we got married. My wife stabbed me and I ended up in hospital. When we went to the hospital my wife begged me not to say what she did and just to say that it was an accident. I see that scar every day, it is a constant reminder of what my wife is. She has always had to control every aspect of my life. I have been terrified to sleep at times, for fear that she would harm me in my sleep. My wife has always told me that it’s my fault, but to this day I don’t know what I do to make her want to hurt me. I am afraid that if I tell someone that they will agree with her and say I deserve to be stabbed, beaten and controlled. I have tried all of our married life to be a good husband and father but nothing I do has ever made her happy and I am so tired of trying. I just want a life where I don’t feel afraid all the time, a life in which I can relax, a life where my wife loves me and doesn’t want to harm me. Please help, but don’t send any post to the house as my wife opens my mail. Patrick