My name is Ciaran

I am married 23 years with three children. One girl 20, now at college and two boys 15 and 16. My wife is a professional with a very good job.

My story is that the last few years we lived together got bad mainly due to her drinking. I usually went along with what she wanted to do for a quiet life. I tried to stay in the family house to be with the kids. But when ever she came home after drinking it would usually end up in a row and me being roughed up.

Eventually I left the house and moved into another house which I used to rent.

The final straw was when she beat me up, kicking me in the balls which meant having to go to the doctor. The treatment lasted six months.

Another incident she went drinking after work one evening. I was now living in my own house which was next door. She started ringing my phone demanding to talk. I hung up telling her I would only talk when she was sober. I then rang my daughter to see that she and the boys were ok. While on the phone I heard a big bang and the sound of glass breaking. At this stage I was in my bed and told my daughter what was just after happening. She and my boys rushed over to my house disarming my wife of a hatchet - she was in my bedroom. She had broken the glass in the back door with it. A big argument developed. My daughter rang my wife’s sister so she could hear everything that was going on. Up to this her family knew nothing about any of this only the fact that she liked a drink and she might have a small problem.

The following day I boarded up my back door and went to work. When I got home my door was fixed and she came over to say sorry. And let that be the end of it.

Now when I try to bring the matter up she says I drove her to do what she did and it was all my fault. I was brought up in a very peaceful home and from the first day I got married I found it very hard to deal with the conflict.

After the last incident, for the first time I went to the guards and got them to log my story.


Charitable Status No. CHY 13025