I'm a forty year old man who has had to leave the family home due to verbal, mental, and now physical violence. I had to leave due to physical violence & I am now living in my car.

I haven't seen my two younger children since I left in August as my wife says it would only confuse them and that was what their social worker said also. I regularly see my eldest son who is fourteen. He hates living at the house. My wife is a bully.

She has bullied me all our married life. She also bullies my 14 year old son and has in the past beaten him with a mini baseball bat and a hard plastic brush which she broke on his back. She has also kicked him in the back whilst he was on the floor.

In December my wife had to attend the hospital. I drove her to and from there. One day she started throwing chairs at me and as I was getting out of the house she slammed the hall door on me cutting open my hand and fracturing and cracking my elbow. I already have a back and neck injury caused by an accident at work and can no longer go to work. Housing say because I have a house and income that I cannot be housed so I live in a car worrying about my eldest sons safety and mental health. I'm
lost with what to do. The social worker said my son could live with me but I have nowhere to live. I'm going to see what the social worker can do.

I'm currently living in Co. Cavan. A friend of the family has let me stay with them but for a short time. I cannot be housed because I'm a homeowner. I can't afford accommodation because my wife gets the majority of the money.

Thank you for getting back to me to try to help. It seems everywhere I go I get nowhere.


Charitable Status No. CHY 13025