I can't bring my partner back, but I have great memories and I had 3 great years with him. He was a lovely person, too nice for her – he deserved better, anyone does. I have gone through sheer hell, even blaming myself for not coping that he was depressed – I knew he was in bad form but didn't realise he was as bad – I have always been there for him through every crisis in the past 3 years and helped him through a lot of sadness, so I cant understand why he didn't turn to me for help when he felt so low to commit suicide. I have had counselling and it had helped a bit but it won't stop the awful pain and void I and his family have. Part of us died with him.

I think there should be psychology lessons in schools nowadays to deal with relationships and when things go wrong and the consequences of ill treating another human. Maybe it might just save some heartache. As I think in the next generation there will be even more bullying – a lot of women expect too much from their husbands or partners now and some men don't respect their partners either. I think we need to educate the generation coming up or we are heading for tougher times.


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