Dear Mary

If there are other men out there like me, all I can say is God help them, if they went through what I did. When we got married I had a good job. My wife changed when we married. I had to bring my 4 month old daughter to work with me as my wife did not want her; she would vanish for days I would have to go looking for her. Every job I got I lost because of the amount of time I had to take off to look after the children. I was abused more and more as the years went on. I was scalded, scratched, kicked and lots more. The children arrived one after another. When I was at work during the day she would leave the five children on their own all day long. I gave in to her moods. She scalded two of the children, they spent a long time in the hospital with burns on their legs and backs.

On many occasions I went to the Social Welfare for help, because I was a man I would get no help. Eventually I stopped asking. I did not bother anymore. Had I been a woman I would have got money and anything I wanted. Social Workers do not want to know the lone man parent. They treat the man as an outcast and will not give him any help. A man will always suffer in silence and will not look for help. My wife had affair after affairl, because of this I was given a Legal Separation. I was left to bring up the children - the youngest was 3 months old - all on my own. I got no help from any one and no one cared either because I was a male. I had to sell all my belongings. I suffered suicide point but the children held me back from this, as I love them so much. She has being living with another man now for years.

Charitable Status No. CHY 13025