Who we are

Who We Are Our mission: is to provide best-in-class support and practical assistance to male victims of domestic abuse in Ireland, to promote increased awareness and understanding among the wider public of the issues surrounding domestic abuse; and to collaborate with statutory and non-statutory bodies to advance our aims and the needs of our clients. Our beliefs: At Amen we believe that every man has the right to an abuse free relationship. We believe that domestic abuse against men is a crime, which is continuously overlooked and ignored in our society. This causes victims to feel isolated, ashamed and uncared for, which can cause them to blame themselves for the abuse they are receiving. We provide information and support to men or their friends or family that seek it. We believe that anyone can be a victim regardless of class, race, sexual orientation or physical ability. Our vision: We aim to break the stigma around domestic abuse towards men. We want men across the country to come forward about their abuse and for them to be treated equally to women with this issue. Amen Support Services was founded in December 1997 as a non-profit organisation established to provide information and support service for male victims of domestic abuse and their families. Amen has confidence in men’s ability to take back control over their lives and offers men the support they need to do this. Amen believes that victims / survivors of spousal abuse have the right to:
  • Feel safe and secure in their own home
  • Provide a caring and loving home for their children
  • Be treated with dignity in the home and by agencies of the State
  • Recognition of their situations by society
  • Make changes to improve the quality of their lives
Clients of Amen come from all walks of life, age groups and from every social class. Amen provides information to them and their families on the legal remedies, social supports and other remedies available. Amen works to increase public awareness of the plight of the male victims through media interviews and education presentations.